Saturday, September 26, 2015

THREE Festival Day: September 26, 2015

There were a lot of activities to choose from today in Lockport and Niagara County. I chose the Hartland Fall Fest. I met up with my friend Elaine and we met Peggy and Becky at the stone schoolhouse
which serves as the Hartland Historical Society. They offered a basket raffle, entertainment. a bake sale and lots of food including a turkey dinner for $9.00.
It included drink, the full meal and desert. I figured the Dr. Pepper would energize me and it did! I spent ten dollars on raffle tickets and put them on two items. After the turkey dinner, we went down to Peggy's house so she could show us her new display item, which may have been used in a hotel to hold keys.
Elaine and I decided to go to HERITAGE DAYS at the Cambria Historical Society. They also had entertainment
and food, but we were more interested in the museum itself. It was VERY interesting.
It was still early so I told Elaine that I would treat her to ice cream since I owed her a few dollars from a previous outing. We decided on LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM. Lake Effect is situated at the site of the COMMUNITY MARKET which was the site of LOCKTOBERFEST today. So in addition to getting ice cream
That is my double cone of Frozen Hot Chocolate and Peanut Butter Epiphany! we spent some time at the market itself. We ran into my brother Mike with his stepsons Dillon and Dominic.
Arrived home at 4:45, very worn out! It was a great day!

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