Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day Trip to Duanesburg and Albany ADVENTURE

When I got to Leslie's house, I realized that I had set my hiking boots on top of my Subaru and driven into Oneonta, and that  they had fallen off SOMEWHERE.  I called Wendy Hopper who agreed to look for them for me.

 The purpose of the trip was to go to the Albany Airport to watch for the SNOWY OWLS which are hanging around there this winter, and to maybe get a few geocaches.  Our first stop was at CANAL STREET STATION where there is a micro geocache hidden on the train car.  I was without boots, and we would have had to plow through snow, so we decided to wait and do that another day.

Once we got to Albany, we found two very easy geocaches in a business area near restaurants and shops.  Then we headed to the airport, where SNOWY OWLS have been hanging out recently.  We found the right area and spent some time looking, but we did not have any luck.  I used the binoculars that Terry gave me a couple of years ago for the first time and they work very good.

Then we went to the SHAKER VILLAGE.  The museum was open so we went in and looked around, and then drove around the village.  The meeting house (which houses the museum) is the only building open to the public.

Then we decided to head back towards Duanesburg.  We wasted about 45 minutes going around in circles before we got headed in the right direction.  We had lunch at the CHUCK WAGON DINER
a restored l920 diner on Route 20 outside of Duanesburg,  which was moved to this location.  Our late lunch was very good.

We then headed back to Oneonta since it was getting very late in the day.  My complete set of pics is here:

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