Friday, February 7, 2014

Artsy-Fartsy Friday Adventure

     Leslie mentioned that she went to see the wildlife art of Dave Kiehm at SUCO Fine Arts Gallery.  When I mentioned it to Connie, she said she already saw it.  Not having anything to to today, I msg'd Carol on facebook and she was free and we decided to go to it.  Before she arrived, I called the FOOTHILLS to ask about their gallery and was told that they also had an artists work on display.
     After a brief stop at NBT, Carol and I headed to the Foothills where we saw Chritine Alexander's  WORLD OF COLOR exhibit.  It was interesting and very colorful.  Then we went to the DOLLAR TREE and then to HANNAFORDs (did I mention that Carol LOVES to shop?).   All this time we had been debating where to have lunch, making several semi-decisions along the way.  We ended up at SUBWAY in the mall where we each had a FLATZINI 

It is kind of like a small square personalized pizza made on flatbread.  Carol had the vegetable flatzini and I had the spicy italian.  We shared so that we could each try the other one.  Both were equally good.  We also got to have a free mini-cupcake from TWISTED, right next to Subway.  Very good!
   After that we headed to SUCO for the the Dave Kiehm Wildlife Art Exhibit in the Project Space Gallery.   Both Carol and I were flabbergasted at how good these paintings are.  We both said at the same time "it's like they are 3-D".  My favorite one is this one:
oil on board.  I love athe old stone wall, the trees, the leaves under the snow and the turkey.  This is one of the paintings that appeared to be 3-D.  I wonder how Dave Kiehm does this?  
There was another exhibit in the same building RICHARD SABA  Remembering the Future, in the Martin-Mullen Art Gallery.  The color in these huge canvases (I assume they were done on canvases) was spectacular!  Here is one of them:

We went to McDonalds where we had caramel sundaes.  I stopped at the library to pick up some items they were holding for me and then we went back to my house.  
While we were out and about Carol was reminiscing about some of our past day trips.  That was fun!  She says we had a corned beef and cabbage dinner someplace on one or our daytrips but we could not remember where.


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