Friday, March 29, 2013

Out and About with Joyce

On the way out to Sidney to get together with Joyce, I stopped at the Parkview Deli and donated a neat old oil can and a bumper sticker from the North Pole in the Adirondacks.  The owner gave me two free lunch passes!

Then I picked Joyce up and she suggested we eat at the TRACKSIDE DINER in Sidney.  I had been there a few years ago with Leslie.  I had a reuben which was pretty good.  Then Joyce wanted to show me a new clothing store next to Price Chopper.  Then she wanted to show me where she will be moving to in a couple of weeks, so we went there, and I asked her to show me her church, which was just down the road a bit.  I was on the way to take Joyce home when she mentioned that she has been trying to get her husband to take her to visit her mothers grave in Afton. I told her I would take here there.

On the way we stopped at the FROGPOND in Bainbridge, and I bought a few items and took several pictures of the spring and Easter flowers and plants they have on display and for sale.  When we got to Afton, I stopped at the Afton Inn and asked for directions to Glenwood Cemetery and then we located it, but the gates were locked, so we could not go in.

On the way back through Bainbridge, we stopped at PINE RIDGE GROCERY and I purchased a couple of items.  Once back in Sidney, Joyce mentioned a second hand shop NEW TO YOU, so we went in and looked around.  After I dropped Joyce off, I stopped at the old cemetery right on the river and took a few pictures:

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