Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Peggy and I headed to Albany on Monday March18th, in order to attend NEW YORKERS FOR CONSTUTIONAL FREEDOMS Legislative Day at the capital on March l9th.  We went a day early in order to spend a leisurely afternoon at the New York State Museum............however when we arrived, we learned that it is closed on Mondays!!

We quickly found some tourist information and set out to do some exploring.  Our first stop was at the historic PALACE THEATRE, and then ALBANY'S FIRST CHURCH.  We were able to take a self guided tour, but then a church worker joined us and pointed out various things, including a Tiffany window.  and then we located HISTORIC CHERRY HILL (another place closed on Mondays or maybe they are doing renovations.  )
and then we went to ALBANY RURAL CEMETERY and drove around and found President Grover Clevelands grave. We had a nice afternoon.  I think the self guided tour of the church was the highlight.  On the way to our lodging we saw a huge old abandoned factory, I think part of the name is FIRST PRIZE, and we stopped, but there was too much surrounding activity for us to even try to enter it.  (Peggy had seen pictures posted by urban explorers on the internet).

 There was a bit of a mix up in the room they gave us at THE RAMADA  (only one bed), but they quickly remedied that for us, and we immediately headed to Troy to have supper at DINOSAUR BARBEQUE.  I had heard about it on the Travel Channel and wanted to try it.  It was worth the 12 minute drive and we enjoyed our meal.  After eating, we spent about ten minutes driving around downtown Troy.  It has a HUGE downtown area, lots of old buildings and some vacant storefronts.

Tuesday morning, we enjoyed the free buffet breakfast provided by the Ramada and then headed to the capital building for LEGISLATIVE DAY.  The main speaker was fantastic.  She survived a saline solution abortion in l977.  She is a great public speaker and told her story well.

We left around 12:30 because of poor weather, arriving back in West Laurens around 3:30 p.m.

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