Friday, March 22, 2013

Another OTESAGA Adventure!!!

Carol K. and I met up at my house this morning and then headed out to Richfield Springs, where I dropped off some books, games, craft items and some fabric to Olivia.  Then we went to Price Chopper and the dollar store in Richfield Springs before heading towards Cooperstown.

We had the Friday lunch buffet at The HAWKEYE GRILL at the Otesaga.  As usual, it was just great!  The Chicken Coq au Vin was delicious!  Todays deserts were not as lavish as the deserts they had a few weeks ago when I went.  Carol had never been to the Otesaga, so we wandered around a bit after lunch so she could see the main dining room, and some of the other ornate items such as the gorgeous fireplaces and the chandeliers.  I think she was impressed.

We stopped at SPRINGBROOK (St. Mary's) so Carol could drop off some paperwork and then headed to my house.  It was a nice, but a bit tiring day.

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