Thursday, January 10, 2013


Alana and Anne by JuneNYConnie and I picked her mother up and took her downtown for lunch at COLLAGE FOOD EMPORIUM, a small eating place in the new mini mall at the corner of Ford Avenue and Main Street in Oneonta.  Its not really a restaurant since they do not have a regular menu.........every days offerings are different from the day before.  Anne enjoyed meeting Alana (the pastry chef at COLLAGE) and then we ordered soup.  The yellow split pea was delicious, but Anne did not seem to enjoy the soup she had.
   We went into the clothing shop and the fabric shop (which has some wonderfully colorful fabric)before heading back to Fox Nursing home.  Connie purchased several food items to take with us.  We had lunch in the conference room at Fox.  Everything was very good!

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