Friday, March 11, 2016


I picked Becky up at Darryls in Middleport and we headed southwest to get to THE ABBEY OF THE GENESEE, home of Monks Bread.  Becky had been there once before and wanted to return.  It was a pretty long drive, I think about an hour and a half
This is a view of the Abbey from the parking area.

Brother Christian let us in
This very sweet and very old monk was so friendly and helpful.  He said he has been at the abbey since l953 which would be SIXTY FOUR years!  I wish I had asked him how old he was when he entered the abbey because then I could figure out how old he is!!!

We went into the chapel, which is beautiful.  The outside walls are made of huge boulders with interesting stained glass windows.  
Then we went to the store where the bread made in their bakery is sold.  I purchased four loaves.  

Before leaving we chatted with Brother Christian for a little while.  

After leaving the monastery we drove down to see their retreat house.  These crosses are in front of the abbey, and I wonder if this is a cemetery:  
and then we headed towards home.  We stopped at a great place for lunch.  THE BARN in Piffard, NY
It was recently renovated.  It is a fifties themed diner.  

And then we looked for and found ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM where I found a geocache.

Apparently it was originally a Poor Farm.
On the way back to Niagara County, I made a couple of photo stops.  It was a great day!!!!!

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