Saturday, March 19, 2016


For various reasons, I missed both Maple Weekends in 2015, but I was able to go this year and asked Mary Ann to accompany me.

We went first to WOLFs.  They had a large variety of products for sale.  The Talking Tree at Wolfs was a big hit with the kids.
We took a ride back into the wood where hundreds of Maple trees are being tapped for syrup.  
After that we headed towards Medina to find a place for lunch.  We chose Avanti's.  We each ordered a wrap (one steak and one Greek) and shared.  Both wraps were good, but not as good as the Buffalo Chicken Wing Wrap I had there with Karra a couple of weeks ago.  

Then it was on to Schumachers Farm on Mill Road.  My TomTom took us right there.  It is right across the road from the Amish school.   Schumachers is a small family run business who taps trees the old fashioned way.  We met a tiny newborn lamb
before going into the Sugar House.
Things were really steamed up in there as they processing was being done.
We were given samples of the warm dark syrup and it was absolutely heavenly.  They had a small area under a tent with their products and some other items for sale  I purchased a pint of their syrup and two kitchen towels.  On the way back to Lockport, I drove by Peggy's house and Beachy's and the stone schoolhouse and I showed Mary Ann the "haunted farmstand".  

It was a fun and interesting day.  

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