Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Fever Adventure

I met up with Mary Ann at the Kenan Center for  the third annual SPRING FEVER ANTIQUE SALE presented by the Niagara Art Trail.
We each paid our $2.00 admission ($1 off with a coupon that Mary Ann had).  We browsed through about half of the tables before having lunch at Reids 2 and then returned to see the rest of the tables.  

I think I spent  $15.00, getting a red and white doily, three colored glass items, a glass Easter egg with my name on it and two very old Easter postcards ( which I will give to my grandkids).

Mary Ann met an antique dealer who went to some of the same concerts that she went to (including the l965 Beatles Concert in Toronto) and they got talking.   I spent ten dollars on tickets for the basket raffle, since it will benefit the local DV program.  

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