Friday, November 29, 2013


Not too long while driving between Lockport and West Laurens, I went through an interesting village: DeRuyter, New York.  I took a few pictures and then located some information about the historical society.  A few emails and phone calls connected me with Tim Etter, who agreed to open the museum up for Peggy and I today.

We packed lunch and headed out this morning.  We located the hamlet of Plymouth first and while there we drove by a craft sale.  We stopped and both Peggy and I purchased a few items.  Then we headed towards DeRuyter.  My navigation system seemed to be taking us in the wrong direction so we ignored it and followed signs to DeRuyter (which turned out to be insufficient), so we were somewhat late for appointed time.  I think it was Tim's wife who met us there at 11:30.

The museum is in old building which was originally a tannery and then a bank, and then used for various purposes over the following years until it became the museum.  They have a LOT of artifacts including lots of "ghost signs".  Originally, DeRuyter was known as TROMPTOWN!!!!

After we left the museum, we decided to do some geocaching.  We tried to find the DeRuyter Double Dinger, without any success and then went on to find Santa's Backup and Wooley Booley.
Santa's Backup was at an Elk Farm!!!!!
Then we headed to Cazenovia to go to THE MUSEUM OF ODDITIES at the Cazenovia Public Library.  The museum has a mummy and a lot of other items, none of which seemed to be very odd to me.  We looked for another geocache in Cazenovia, without success.  

After that, we headed back towards my house.  It was a great day!

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