Sunday, January 3, 2016

Festival of Lights at the Fatima Shrine in Lewiston 1/3/16

I asked Mary Ann if she felt comfortable driving to Lewiston to see the Festival of Lights at the Fatima Shrine.  She was fine with that idea and we agreed to go this evening.

We decided to have supper in Lewiston before going to the shrine.  Mary Ann remembered eating at TIN PAN ALLEY, and thought she remembered where it was.  It seemed that the restaurant SOROS was n the same spot, and we decided to eat there.  We both had Greek salads, which were very good.
Then we headed to the shrine, which is slightly north of Lewiston on Swann Road.  We located it easily and visited the gift shop first.  Mary Ann bought a few items. Then we walked over to the church and walked around.  It is really beautiful.  I took these two pictures n the main chapel.

and here are some pictures from the smaller chapels which are arranged circularly around the large chapel:

The displays outside are also beautiful

When we got back to Lockport,  I suggested  that we check out the well decorated Christmas house on Ontario Street.  
My full set of pictures can be seen here:

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