Saturday, May 5, 2018

Out and About Lewiston SOLO

Peg, David and I tentatively planned to go to the Kinzua Bridge today but Peg felt she needed a relaxing day more than she needed a day trip.

I decided to go see Carrie in Lewiston.  I also decided to check out a couple of places I read about on Facebook:  Mrs. Thank You and the Stella Niagara Preserve.    I found both of them.  The Preserve is right along the Niagara River, but there does not seem to be a sign, and the only parking available is at the Senior Center down the road.   I did not have my camera with me, but I saw this sign, and found the picture online.   It is along the road at the location:
I located Mrs. Thank You's convenience store, it seems to be adjacent to the Indian reservation.
  It is spacious and clean, offer lots of prepared foods and has a nice area with tables for people to eat in.  I purchased a slice of pizza and a fresh tomato.

I decided to take a different way home and found myself on Route 31.  As I passed St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church I noticed a full parking lot and a sign saying BASKET RAFFLE, so I stopped and parked/  Admission was $7 which included one sheet of tickets for the raffle.  Since I was not interested in the raffle, I asked if I could go in and look at the deserts (which I could see from the ticket sales table) and I was let in.  

I purchased $7.00 worth of deserts.  
which are pictured here along with the tomato from Mrs. Thank You's store!!!

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