Friday, March 29, 2013

Out and About with Joyce

On the way out to Sidney to get together with Joyce, I stopped at the Parkview Deli and donated a neat old oil can and a bumper sticker from the North Pole in the Adirondacks.  The owner gave me two free lunch passes!

Then I picked Joyce up and she suggested we eat at the TRACKSIDE DINER in Sidney.  I had been there a few years ago with Leslie.  I had a reuben which was pretty good.  Then Joyce wanted to show me a new clothing store next to Price Chopper.  Then she wanted to show me where she will be moving to in a couple of weeks, so we went there, and I asked her to show me her church, which was just down the road a bit.  I was on the way to take Joyce home when she mentioned that she has been trying to get her husband to take her to visit her mothers grave in Afton. I told her I would take here there.

On the way we stopped at the FROGPOND in Bainbridge, and I bought a few items and took several pictures of the spring and Easter flowers and plants they have on display and for sale.  When we got to Afton, I stopped at the Afton Inn and asked for directions to Glenwood Cemetery and then we located it, but the gates were locked, so we could not go in.

On the way back through Bainbridge, we stopped at PINE RIDGE GROCERY and I purchased a couple of items.  Once back in Sidney, Joyce mentioned a second hand shop NEW TO YOU, so we went in and looked around.  After I dropped Joyce off, I stopped at the old cemetery right on the river and took a few pictures:

March 28th, 2013 Pre-Easter Brunch

I landed too hard on my right leg last evening and must have stressed a big muscle, and woke up with a very crampy like feeling in the back of my lower leg.  I decided it would not be a good day to work on sorting, organizing, packing etc. since that involves walking either up or downstairs several times.  I decided it would be a good day to do some cooking.  I decided to make ham loaf and pineapple stuffing.  Then I decided to call my friend Connie and invite her to lunch.  She said yes, and I decided to prepare steamed asparagus and a new lemon desert I heard about on facebook.

It turned out to be a great meal and Connie and I both enjoyed it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Another OTESAGA Adventure!!!

Carol K. and I met up at my house this morning and then headed out to Richfield Springs, where I dropped off some books, games, craft items and some fabric to Olivia.  Then we went to Price Chopper and the dollar store in Richfield Springs before heading towards Cooperstown.

We had the Friday lunch buffet at The HAWKEYE GRILL at the Otesaga.  As usual, it was just great!  The Chicken Coq au Vin was delicious!  Todays deserts were not as lavish as the deserts they had a few weeks ago when I went.  Carol had never been to the Otesaga, so we wandered around a bit after lunch so she could see the main dining room, and some of the other ornate items such as the gorgeous fireplaces and the chandeliers.  I think she was impressed.

We stopped at SPRINGBROOK (St. Mary's) so Carol could drop off some paperwork and then headed to my house.  It was a nice, but a bit tiring day.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Peggy and I headed to Albany on Monday March18th, in order to attend NEW YORKERS FOR CONSTUTIONAL FREEDOMS Legislative Day at the capital on March l9th.  We went a day early in order to spend a leisurely afternoon at the New York State Museum............however when we arrived, we learned that it is closed on Mondays!!

We quickly found some tourist information and set out to do some exploring.  Our first stop was at the historic PALACE THEATRE, and then ALBANY'S FIRST CHURCH.  We were able to take a self guided tour, but then a church worker joined us and pointed out various things, including a Tiffany window.  and then we located HISTORIC CHERRY HILL (another place closed on Mondays or maybe they are doing renovations.  )
and then we went to ALBANY RURAL CEMETERY and drove around and found President Grover Clevelands grave. We had a nice afternoon.  I think the self guided tour of the church was the highlight.  On the way to our lodging we saw a huge old abandoned factory, I think part of the name is FIRST PRIZE, and we stopped, but there was too much surrounding activity for us to even try to enter it.  (Peggy had seen pictures posted by urban explorers on the internet).

 There was a bit of a mix up in the room they gave us at THE RAMADA  (only one bed), but they quickly remedied that for us, and we immediately headed to Troy to have supper at DINOSAUR BARBEQUE.  I had heard about it on the Travel Channel and wanted to try it.  It was worth the 12 minute drive and we enjoyed our meal.  After eating, we spent about ten minutes driving around downtown Troy.  It has a HUGE downtown area, lots of old buildings and some vacant storefronts.

Tuesday morning, we enjoyed the free buffet breakfast provided by the Ramada and then headed to the capital building for LEGISLATIVE DAY.  The main speaker was fantastic.  She survived a saline solution abortion in l977.  She is a great public speaker and told her story well.

We left around 12:30 because of poor weather, arriving back in West Laurens around 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"pi(e)" day

I met up with Leslie in Oneonta.  After picking up a few groceries at HANNAFORDS, we went to the Neptune Diner for a piece of pie.  I had chocolate cream and she had banana cream.  Then we went to look for DOWNIE ON THE FARM......I zeroed in on it but we could not get it seemed to be iced in.  Then we went to FoxCare where I found the nano.....SLY FOX.  We went in and walked around for about fifteen minutes before heading to Southside to look for SOUTHSIDE TB RESORT, which is hidden in a great spot!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Return to THE PLAINS

Connie and I have been trying to get together for lunch for a few weeks, but never finding a time that worked for both of us.  Today seemed to be a good day for it.  She stopped by work and we agreed to meet at 12:40 at THE PLAINS, which is an assisted care place on Route 7 that has a cafe that non residents can go to.

They gave us a table in the main dining room, which is very elegant.  I ordered a bowl of soup (some sort of potato chowder) and a half a chicken salad sandwich and a side of fruit.  Connie ordered a roast beef sandwich on toasted ciabatta.  We were both satisfied with our meals.  Connie wanted desert, but they do not offer any except for candy bars!!!  We passed on the candy bars.

We had kind of planned on taking a walk in the woods behind the main building, but I had a lot of small errands to complete before meeting up with my daughter for a medical appointment.  It was a bit on the cold side, too.