Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day two at Delta Lake (July 26, 2016)

We first headed towards Lee Center, in order to find a cache at the town hall, and then we went
a few miles north to find one near a very old stone schoolhouse.
 Both were successful.  We stopped at two old cemeteries on the way back to 26.  Then we headed into rome in order to go to the Sears gas station museum.  We also found a couple of caches in Rome, and there were a couple of DNF's.

Then we headed to Sylvan Beach, a place neither one of us had ever been before.    When we arrived
 we stopped at a NICE AND EASY to use the restroom  and I asked about nearby parks with picnic tables  The clerk suggested we go to Verona Beach State park, so we headed in  that direction and found it easily.  We got in free because we are old!  and we had a nice picnic lunch and walked around the "waterfront"

We then went to find the lighthouse, where tehre is a geocache, which I found.
 And then to downtown Sylvan Beach to check out the shops.  Unfortunately, free parking is at a minimum and we ended up only going into one very large antique and collectible shop.  While resting on a bench across the street from that shop we met a veteran of Desert Storm and talked with him a while.

It was a bit early for supper, but it seemed we were done in Sylvan Beach, so we found one last geocache at a campground outside of Sylvan. Beach.

Captain Johns for prime rib and lobster for supper.  The prime rib was outstanding the lobster only so so. I think our lobster was left over from yesterday and merely put under a broiler for a minute or two.

Then we drove some back roads to get back to Delta Lake Bible conference.   After a while, we went out for Ice Cream.

caches found today:

Lee Town Hall
District 5
Valentine Cache
Stadium Cache
Verona Beach Lighthouse
Vienna Bell and Bridge
Treasure Isle

Day One at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center (July 25, 2016)

I met up with Carol Kraft at Mike's cottage at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center.

 Carol got
lost after entering the property, but eventually we found each other.  We had a quick lunch and then
headed out towards Boonville.  Once in Boonville, we located the Black River Museum
and arrived at three p.m. which was good since they close at four p.m.  We enjoyed touring this place.

After that we headed north a few mile to Hawkinsville.  There is a geocache hidden
 at a swimming hole, but we did not find it.  We did find a great old cemetery which we
explored a bit before stopping to take pictures of this old store.

Then we headed back to Boonville, where we found a geocache, saw a covered bridge and
then went to a beautiful cemetery were we found a geocache WAR MEMORiAL.
 We drove around
a bit and I took pictures of a few old buildings.

Then we headed to Westernville and then to Rome where we picked up a rotisserie chicken for supper.

We had chicken, a fresh tomato and potato salad for supper and then we took a nice long walk
around the ground of the camp.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monday July 18th at Niagara Falls, New York

When I mentioned the possibility of going to Niagara Falls to Megan, she seemed to like the idea, so we planned to go today.  We got a bit of a late start because Megan took the car to MEL'S SERVICE to see if they could find out what was causing the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT to come on.  So, we left her car there and took my Subaru to Niagara Falls. 

We parked near the TOP OF THE FALLS restaurant and went to the lookout area for the Horseshoe Falls.  It was misty and windy but we loved it.

  Then we walked to the area of the Visitors Center and purchased tickets for the trolley ride around the state park. 

It was sprinkling when we got off the trolley at the stop for THREE SISTERS ISLAND, but it didn't last long.  I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed the beauty of this area, as well as the falls.

We went to the observation deck at the American Falls and enjoyed that.

When we were finished at the falls, we headed to Lewiston and had lunch at SMOKIN JOES on Indian Hill Road.  Megan, Chris and the kids had stopped here two years ago just before their move to Michigan.  The burgers were really good!!

And then we went to HIBBARD'S for frozen custard. When we got  back to Lockport, Megan picked up her car at Mel's.  After that she and I both needed a nap.

That evening, we had Mike, Janie and the boys over for pizza.  We set up a table and lawn chairs in the back yard and it was very nice!!!  Janie brought chocolate frosted Rice Krispie Treats!

July 17, 2016 at LETCHWORTH

Megan and the kids arrived Friday evening in time for supper and a trip to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM where we purchased five pints of ice cream.
  On Saturday we spent part of the day at
Beaver Island State Park with Peggy and Carrie and her future roommates and their families.

Megan, my grandkids and I headed towards Letchworth State Park early this morning.  I think we arrived around eleven a.m.  A few days earlier, Megan's BFF (Misty) called me and said she wanted to surprise Megan by just showing up while Megan was visiting me.  I suggested Sunday at Letchworth since it was closer than Lockport.  Misty said going to Letchworth was on her "bucket
list for this summer, so it worked out perfect.

A short while after we arrived, Misty texted Cassandra and told her where she was waiting.  Cassandra and I tried to talk to each other "in code" about this, and it was getting pretty funny.  Megan was sure it had something to do with ice cream!!!  When we couldn't find the lookout point where Misty and her kids were, I decided we had to tell Megan what was up so that she and Misty could communicate and agree where to meet.  So, I told her (she was very surprised) and we drove to the spot (Gardeau Point) and met up with them.

We had a great day going to all the spots to view the major waterfalls

, having a picnic lunch, seeing the Mary Jemison cabins
and statue, etc.    After all that, the kids wanted to use the pool.  I took my lawn chair and my book and found a spot outside the pool area to read, and this gave Misty and Megan a chance to talk without me being within earshot.

After that, we decided to have supper together outside the park.  We decided on Mt. Morris and the restaurant CHARRED.
We also explored the Main Street a little, there are LOTS of antique and collectible shops and I saw this great restored ghost sign
(the others were not impressed with my find).

Unfortunately, after leaving Misty and her kids, we developed car trouble, so it was a stressful drive back to Lockport, but we made it!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Return to the Elevator!!! July 11, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, Carol and I spent most of the day in Niagara Falls, New York.  Our last stop at the falls area was the Schoellkopf Elevator which took us down into the gorge near the remnants of an old power station.  We were tired and hungry so we kind of hurried through so that we could ind a place for lunch.  I thought we must have missed a lot so I wanted to return and spend more time there.

I asked Pam if she wanted to go with me today, and we set out early this morning.  We found free parking near the aquarium which is more or less across the road from the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center where the elevator is located.

We crossed the road via an elevated walkway and we took the elevator down.  We were following the information in the brochure, but got mixed up around number three.  We needed a bathroom break, so we asked directions to the nearest ladies room and found out we needed to take the elevator back up. So, we did.  And we sat and rested a bit.

We went back down the elevator and spoke with a young guide named Eric he offered to walk with us to find a spot we had been unable to find before.  Pam talked to him about the Lord and he was very open and said he was at a tough place in his life, wondering "what is next for me?" At age 25, some of his friends already have jobs and/or are expecting their first child.  We prayed with him and he accepted Jesus.

We completed our walk around the property and Eric pointed out some remnants
We went back up the elevator and talked with a young man in the information booth about the trails.  We were a bit worn out (plus it was kind of hot) and decided to NOT take a trail.  I asked the young man if he knew the address of  THE WHY RESTAURANT
and he said it is at Main and Portage. We found
 it easily and had lunch there BLT and home fries.  Very good and very cheap!

On the way back to Lockport, on 31, I noticed SMOKIN JOES and wondered if I could get a loaf of bread there and Pam said yes.  So we stopped there.  Before buying the bread, we went through the
museum of cut rock, and saw some beautiful pieces.  We also read many of the historical signs about the indians, tribes, reservations etc.  Pam saw this statue outside of the cigar store and I took her picture.

It was a great day.  

Saturday, July 9, 2016

TASTE OF BUFFALO: July 9, 2016

Peggy and David invited me to go to the TASTE OF BUFFALO with them.  I had never been before so I jumped at the chance.

They picked me up a little before noon and we headed to Buffalo.  We parked in a University of Buffalo parking lot and took the subway to downtown Buffalo.

The event is HUGE.  My first food purchase was sausage bread and chilled quinoa salad from Salvatores.
both were delicious.  

We spent a lot of time in the FORD area..............there were several activities to participate in, and if you participated in a certain number you won a baseball cap or an insulated bag. 
This is Peg doing one of the activities.  Everyone got a free hand sanitizer and a few people were winning cash.  In one of the booth, everyone was given a T shirt of their choice (with the Ford Logo, of course.  

The crowd was huge, so it was difficult to get good pictures of the booths and food trucks.   There were several free food items, too.  

I came home with these freebies:  
My complete set of pictures can be seen here:

FOOD, FUN and FOLK MUSIC at the Discovery Center: Lockport, NY July 8, 2016

An event Peggy and I attended briefly.  I saw Donna Campbell there and chatted with her a bit while Peggy got our "slawwiches"  (pulled pork and coleslaw on a bun).

My set of pictures is here:

Monday, July 4, 2016

The New Bike/Walking Trail along the canal

Pam and I met up early this afternoon and walked part of the new trail, stopping to find two new geocaches.  Pam chose the nick APPLEPAM !   It was pretty hot, but we had a nice time.  After that I went to a couple of yard sales.