Friday, February 28, 2014


After running a bunch of errands, I met up with Leslie at Southside Mall Cinema to see the matinee of SON OF GOD.
It was very good!  It's a movie that I might want to watch again.  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day Trip to Duanesburg and Albany ADVENTURE

When I got to Leslie's house, I realized that I had set my hiking boots on top of my Subaru and driven into Oneonta, and that  they had fallen off SOMEWHERE.  I called Wendy Hopper who agreed to look for them for me.

 The purpose of the trip was to go to the Albany Airport to watch for the SNOWY OWLS which are hanging around there this winter, and to maybe get a few geocaches.  Our first stop was at CANAL STREET STATION where there is a micro geocache hidden on the train car.  I was without boots, and we would have had to plow through snow, so we decided to wait and do that another day.

Once we got to Albany, we found two very easy geocaches in a business area near restaurants and shops.  Then we headed to the airport, where SNOWY OWLS have been hanging out recently.  We found the right area and spent some time looking, but we did not have any luck.  I used the binoculars that Terry gave me a couple of years ago for the first time and they work very good.

Then we went to the SHAKER VILLAGE.  The museum was open so we went in and looked around, and then drove around the village.  The meeting house (which houses the museum) is the only building open to the public.

Then we decided to head back towards Duanesburg.  We wasted about 45 minutes going around in circles before we got headed in the right direction.  We had lunch at the CHUCK WAGON DINER
a restored l920 diner on Route 20 outside of Duanesburg,  which was moved to this location.  Our late lunch was very good.

We then headed back to Oneonta since it was getting very late in the day.  My complete set of pics is here:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Lunch with Connie

Connie and I agreed to have lunch at TOKYO, a Japanese restaurant on Main Street in Oneonta. However, when I met up with her, she decided she NEVER wants to eat Japanese food again! So, we went to COLLAGE in the "Shops on Main Street" and had french style pizza and we split an apricot tart. Both were very good.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Short Oneonta Adventure

It was good to get out of the house today for several hours, after being cooped up inside feeling like I was SNOWED IN.  I ran errands and went to SWEET FROG FROZEN YOGURT.
Mary and I met up at Southside Mall to see the movie MONUMENTS MEN.
I think Mary enjoyed it as much as I did!  Superb acting!  
Hard to believe I enjoyed a war movie!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cooperstown Outing with Betty

Betty and I went to Cooperstown for the annual QUILT SHOW at the library. On the way to Cooperstown we stopped at THE OLD GRISTMILL ANTIQUES and COLLECTIBLES  in Portlandville.  

The Quilt Show was very good this year.  We both bought raffle tickets and voted for our favorite quilt.  We talked to two members of the quilting club (Joyce and Betty) for several minutes before we left.  Betty wanted to have lunch at the Cooperstown Diner, so  we did.
 She had chicken and biscuits and I had a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich with a cup of split pea soup.  We each had desert.

Our plans had included going to SUCO for the Dave Kiehm nature paintings exhibit, but I knew Betty wanted to shop for a gravy boat for her son in law and it was clear that we were running out of time,  so I asked her which one of those things was most important to her and she said she really wanted to go to BED, BATH and BEYOND and see if they had a gravy boat.

She found one she liked, marked down fifty percent.  I didn't have one, and I liked this one (insulated with a cover) so I bought one, also.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Artsy-Fartsy Friday Adventure

     Leslie mentioned that she went to see the wildlife art of Dave Kiehm at SUCO Fine Arts Gallery.  When I mentioned it to Connie, she said she already saw it.  Not having anything to to today, I msg'd Carol on facebook and she was free and we decided to go to it.  Before she arrived, I called the FOOTHILLS to ask about their gallery and was told that they also had an artists work on display.
     After a brief stop at NBT, Carol and I headed to the Foothills where we saw Chritine Alexander's  WORLD OF COLOR exhibit.  It was interesting and very colorful.  Then we went to the DOLLAR TREE and then to HANNAFORDs (did I mention that Carol LOVES to shop?).   All this time we had been debating where to have lunch, making several semi-decisions along the way.  We ended up at SUBWAY in the mall where we each had a FLATZINI 

It is kind of like a small square personalized pizza made on flatbread.  Carol had the vegetable flatzini and I had the spicy italian.  We shared so that we could each try the other one.  Both were equally good.  We also got to have a free mini-cupcake from TWISTED, right next to Subway.  Very good!
   After that we headed to SUCO for the the Dave Kiehm Wildlife Art Exhibit in the Project Space Gallery.   Both Carol and I were flabbergasted at how good these paintings are.  We both said at the same time "it's like they are 3-D".  My favorite one is this one:
oil on board.  I love athe old stone wall, the trees, the leaves under the snow and the turkey.  This is one of the paintings that appeared to be 3-D.  I wonder how Dave Kiehm does this?  
There was another exhibit in the same building RICHARD SABA  Remembering the Future, in the Martin-Mullen Art Gallery.  The color in these huge canvases (I assume they were done on canvases) was spectacular!  Here is one of them:

We went to McDonalds where we had caramel sundaes.  I stopped at the library to pick up some items they were holding for me and then we went back to my house.  
While we were out and about Carol was reminiscing about some of our past day trips.  That was fun!  She says we had a corned beef and cabbage dinner someplace on one or our daytrips but we could not remember where.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mt Fuji

Connie called this morning just as I was leaving for work and suggested we go out to lunch.  I said yes and we decided to meet at PANERA at 12:45.  We met there, but it was really noisy and busy, so we decided to eat at Mt. Fuji instead.  It is a very nice Japanese restaurant at Southside Mall.

I ordered the STEAK TERIYAKI box, and it was delicious.  It came with soup, salad, rice, shrimp dumplings, fresh orange and california rolls.  Everything was good.  I suggested to Connie that she NOT order TEMPURA since it is usually mostly breading, but she decided to try it one more time and she was disappointed.

After lunch, I went to FoxCare and walked for twenty minutes.